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Release your stress and tension with a muscle-melting massage from Sinara

Whether you prefer the gentle pressure of a Swedish massage or the structural release of Deep Tissue pressure, massage by Sinara treatments and packages are always customized to meet your individual needs. Check out our services, and call us to make an appointment today.

Our Services Include:


Long, flowing movements and strokes toward the center of the body promote relaxation and increased blood flow.

Deep tissue:

Patterns of strokes and deep finger pressure that target a deep muscle or group to reduce tightness.


Static or constant pressure applied to trigger points within the muscle.

Myofascial release:

Sustained pressure applied with an open hand to eliminate pain, restore motion and release connective tissue that is twisted or compressed due to injury or illness.

Foot Paraffin

Kick back and relax your feet in a high-quality paraffin wax. Slowly encase your feet in paraffin wax to encourage healthy feet and ease joint, muscle, and stiffness related pains in your feet.  

Bamboo Massage:

Bamboo massage is a technique that incorporates bamboo stalks of various sizes to provide deep tissue work. The heated bamboo will provide a relaxing massage to reduce tension in your muscles and tendons. This massage promotes circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Hot Stone Massage:

Hot stone massage therapy is a massage protocol designed with the therapist holding the hot stones as when performs a Swedish or therapeutic massage. The heated basalt stones become one with the massage therapist's hands to give the most relaxing massage possible.

Offered services:

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Aromatherapy Swedish Massage

AromatherapyDeep tissue massage



Aromatherapy Neuromuscular massage



Aromatherapy Myofascial release


$ 140/80min

3/60 minutes massage


3/80 minutes massage 


Aromatherapy Bamboo Massage


Aromatherapy Hot stone massage


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